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“Renovations pivotal to the goal of limiting global warming”

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There is still much to be done and the pace of energy renovations must be urgently stepped up, as the COP23 Building Action Symposium summit prepares to open in Bonn on November 9, says Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe Campaign Director.



The Building Action Symposium at COP23 offers a key platform to take stock of progress since 2015, with several reports and studies expected, according to Joyce. He refers to the International Energy Agency, saying that the pace of energy renovations must be urgently stepped up with a focus on delivery on the ground if the Paris agreement’s climate goals are to be met.


“At COP21, the language switched from ambition to implementation,” said Brian Motherway, the head of energy efficiency at the International Energy Agency. “I’d like to see an acceleration in that direction, focused on delivery.”


Renovations will be pivotal to the success of the Paris agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to 2°C, claims Adrian Joyce. Buildings account for over a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, and are among the cheapest mitigation options. Their renovation also produces immediate results.



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