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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of March our topic is 'Low carbon construction materials'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?


  • Interventions related to (a) systems and indoor climate, and (b) materials
  • New insulation materials
  • Materials and environmental impact assessment
  • nZEB and +Energy technology packages
  • Craddle to craddle materials

Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles


overview.jpgOVERVIEW | 3D printing in the construction sector  3D printing, also referred as additive manufacturing (AM), is a major element of the fourth industrial revolution and has the potential to transform the construction sector as a way of introducing robotization into construction.


Expert talks


expert.jpgExpert talks – Myriam Olivier , PhD in civil engineering, Mission head at ASTUS-construction, France.  She has worked in the domains of Energy Efficiency and Building Information Management and Modelling for several years and has coordinated and worked in a number of international research projects, including the recently completed H2020 BIMplement project.


expert.jpgExpert Interview - Stijn Verbeke, senior researcher at EnergyVille/VITO and University of Antwerp  Stijn Verbeke is senior researcher at EnergyVille/VITO and University of Antwerp. He is an innovator on smart buildings and data-driven tools for improving the energy performance of buildings and districts. 




6th International Conference On Technological Innovation In Building (CITE 2021). CITE 2021 provides the perfect platform to discuss the latest developments in the field of projects and innovations in new technologies applied to building, architecture, engineering and research.


Masters of Digital 2021 – Digital as the driver for Europe’s recovery. This unique virtual edition will focus on the role of digital in strengthening Europe’s emergence from the global pandemic, and look at how deeper collaboration between business, government and civil society will deliver on the goal of a stronger digital Europe.




TripleA-reno project: Entertain and Engage with the Energy Transition Game. Turning the boring into the interesting is a key aspect of public-sector initiatives that energizes people, be it public employees or residents! Gamification can accomplish that! Games are fun — they are not always about winning or losing, but about engaging people in an idea and a process. 


“My Europe 2050” e-learning tool. My Europe in 2050 lets you choose how we will change the European "Machine" in the next decades. How we will move, live, eat and consume, how we will change the agriculture, transport, energy generation and production systems. 




original.jpgRES4BUILD project advances development of integrated renewable energy based solutions tailored to end user needs and requirements The Renovation Wave aims to accelerate improvements in the energy performance of 35 million buildings across Europe by 2030.


original.jpgSIEA uvoľňuje ďalšie financie na inštaláciu zariadení na využívanie obnoviteľných zdrojov energie v domácnostiach Žiadosti o poukážky z projektu Zelená domácnostiam II bude možné znovu podávať od februára 2021. Na inštaláciu zariadení na využívanie obnoviteľných zdrojov energie budú mať domácnosti naďalej päť mesiacov. 




European Building Automation Controls Association releases checklist to assess BACS compliance with EPBD requirements European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac) has created a compliance checklist for Building Automation and Control System (BACS) requirements


original.jpgePANACEA Implementation of innovative certification schemes The report "Next Generation of EPCs and Quality Convergence across the EU: Implementation of Innovative Certification Schemes" aims to tackle current EPC challenges by proposing new features for implementation within existing schemes.




resalta.jpgGlaserhaus - Affoltern im Emmental, Switzerland The aim of the project and the associated construction measures is to repair the existing and restore the original condition. The floor plans will be spatially and functionally separated, with the aim of consistently uncovering the core building from 1765 on all floors.


sykesNotarjeva vila.The house was built after the 1st world war as notary's villa in the former periphery of Tolmin where richer buildings were located.The house expresses the characteristics of secession and is listed in the Register of Slovene cultural heritage.




sykesRE-FRACTURE2 project  The overarching objective of the EU-funded RE-FRACTURE2 project is to develop new computational models for refractory materials that should enable for the first time the simulation of their behaviour over the entire working temperature range.


sykesCHRZASZCZ project The aim of the Clean Sky 2 Topic JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-92 “Optimization of APU Exhaust Muffler Thermal Barrier and Air Intakes construction Technologies” is to develop new materials construction concepts to be used for APU’s Air Intakes and Exhaust Muffler



Get ready for April's Topic of the Month 'Energy Efficiency and integration of Renewable Energy Sources in Buildings​' and prepare your next publications.


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