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IEA-EBC Annex 72: Assessment life cycle related environmental impacts caused by buildings   The Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency Energy in Buildings and Communities programme (IEA EBC) approved the “IEA-EBC Annex 72: Assessment life cycle related environmental impacts caused by buildings” in 2016. The project will run till 2021.  
Post date: 24 Dub 2017
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Most countries in the Central and Eastern Europe region already have or are setting up renovation programmes for multi-apartment buildings. Some countries have run these programmes successfully for a long time, while others are setting them up more recently. Several countries have had such programmes for a while now, but on an “on and off” basis with mixed results in different years.  
Post date: 18 Dub 2017
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  Tato událost, která se bude konat dne 27. dubna 2017 v Praze, české Republice, cílem je sdílet osvědčené postupy z celé Střední Evropy a dále na to, jak investice do energetické účinnosti mohou být financovány. To zahrnuje využívání prostředků ze soukromých zdrojů a inovačních finančních nástrojů, zejména ve stavebnictví a průmyslu. Řečníci se zaměří na praktické zkušenosti při vytváření a strukturování investičních programů; případě umožní dostatek času pro diskusi.   Událost obsahuje následující témata:  
Post date: 5 Dub 2017
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hybridGEOTABS first newsletter contains a short introduction to the technology and objectives of the research project. It also gives a summary of progress as shared at the recent project meeting in Finland, in particular, the chosen demo buildings and technical developments.  
Post date: 21 Bře 2017
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People spend up to 90% of their lives indoors, so it is perhaps not surprising that the quality of the environment created has a significant impact on their health and well-being. What is perhaps even more surprising is that the indoor air quality of some buildings, including modern low energy buildings, has been shown to be poorer than urban outdoor air quality.  
Post date: 20 Bře 2017
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Geothermal energy is limitless, ubiquitous and free at the point of use. When combined with the very high energy efficiency of TABS and application range of hybrid systems, it offers huge potential to meet heating and cooling needs in Europe, and reduce CO2 emissions.  
Post date: 17 Bře 2017
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A range of breakthrough eco-building solutions which tackle the emerging problem of indoor air quality have been presented by the ECO-SEE project at the Ecobuild construction fair in London.   The solutions include novel insulation, coating and panel products which improve air quality by passively regulating humidity, capturing VOCs, and removing indoor organic pollutants through photocatalysis. External and internal wall panels have also been developed, in addition to design tools to support end users.
Post date: 16 Bře 2017
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Na nekvalitní zpracovatele průkazů energetické náročnosti budov (PENB) se od loňského roku zaměřila Státní energetická inspekce (SEI). Zkontrolovala už přes tisíc průkazů. Jak se ukazuje, chyby obsahuje cca 40 procent z nich. Nejvyšší pokuta byla zatím uložena ve výši 36 000 Kč.  
Post date: 2 Bře 2017
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Post date: 28 Úno 2017
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38,5% of energy savings in CUBE 2020? It's possible.   The building Quai Vendeuvre won the grand prize of the energy savings contest CUBE 2020 in 2016. While the 3rd edition of the contest just started, let’s ask the IFPEB’s director Cedric Borel about the score of the second edition’s winner, who made 38,5% of energy savings within a year!  You said 38,5%, really? How is that possible?   Marguerite Dornier: You said 38,5%, right? It’s huge, isn’t it?  
Post date: 8 Úno 2017
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