Czech Republic

Toto je závěrečná zpráva projektu "European Energy Service Initiative vůči EU 2020 cílů úspory energie" (EESI 2020), který byl realizován mezi roky 2013 a 2016 konsorciem Evropských energetických agentur a energetických odborníků s podporou Evropské Komise, Inteligentní Energie pro Evropu (IEE). Projekt se zabývá způsoby, jak zlepšit dopad Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) v 9 Evropských regionů.  
Post date: 8 Úno 2017
Type: Publication

Energy poverty is one of the most pressing issues in Central and Eastern Europe. By addressing energy efficient retrofitting of multi-unit apartment buildings, the REELIH (residential energy efficiency for low income households) project is working to promote an innovative approach to reduce energy poverty.  
Post date: 7 Úno 2017
Type: Novinky

FOR ARCH (19-23 September 2017) – is one of the largest building trade fairs in the Czech Republic
Post date: 17 Led 2017
Type: Event

Member of EU H2020 MORE-CONNECT consortium, Tallinn University of Technology has prepared scale prototypes of prefabricated panels.  This video gives a brief demonstration of the construction of the panels.     In reference to the panels, The Influence of Moisture Dry-out on Hygrothermal Performance of Prefabricated Modular Renovation Elements is presented in the following article:
Post date: 9 Led 2017
Type: Odkaz

Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2017 se bude konat 25. a 26. Května 2017 na české vysoké učení Technické v Praze, česká Republika. Akce se zaměřuje na výměnu nápadů a osvědčených postupů v oblasti chytrých měst. To zahrnuje celou řadu témat, ze systémového hlediska, a to prostřednictvím dolování dat a zpracování dat a inteligentní rozvodné sítě, a to až do multi-agentních systémů a dalších soft-computing přístupů. Cílem této konference je definovat budoucí aplikace pro oblasti chytrých měst.   Konference bude zahrnovat následující klíčové oblasti:  
Post date: 30 Pro 2016
Type: Event

BUILD UPON is the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation, bringing together over 1,000 organisations across 13 countries, at over 80 events in 2016-17.    
Post date: 21 Pro 2016
Type: Odkaz

FENIX TNT s.r.o. is pleased to invite you to the BRIMEE project conference. The project has developed sustainable bio-renewable indoor materials based on the Nano Crystalline Cellulose (NCC) foam for energy efficient buildings. The NCC foam technology was invented by Melodea Ltd. and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Post date: 16 Pro 2016
Type: Event

The progRESsHEAT project aims at assisting policy makers at the local, regional, national and EU- level in developing integrated, effective and efficient policy strategies to achieve a rapid and widespread penetration of renewable and efficient heating and cooling systems.
Post date: 9 Lis 2016
Type: Odkaz

MORE-CONNECT consortium held a very successful international workshop in the framework of international conference SBE 2016 Build Green and Renovate Deep on October 6th. This was the 4th MORE-CONNECT international workshop. More than 20 participants attended this workshop.  
Post date: 3 Lis 2016
Type: Novinky

In Europe, there is a clear long-term objective to decarbonise the energy system, but it is very unclear how this will be achieved in the heating and cooling sector. As a result, there is currently a lot of uncertainty among policymakers and investors in the heating and cooling sector, primarily due to a lack of knowledge about the long-term changes that will occur in the coming decades. HRE4 will enable new policies as well as prepare the ground for new investments by creating more certainty in relation to the changes that are required.  
Post date: 27 Říj 2016
Type: Odkaz