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Few people in Norway had even heard of heat pumps at the beginning of the millennium. By 2019, some 1.4 million units had been sold in the country, figures from the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) show.   Norway’s rapid adoption of heat pumps was spurred by a series of cold winters, an increase in electricity prices, grants and bans on old boilers.  
Post date: 24 Zář 2020
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Webinar 13: Industrial heat pumps for a greener European industry   Date: 30.09.2020Time: 10:10 – 11:22 am CEST   Speakers:
Post date: 4 Srp 2020
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Webinar 10: New business models for people by people Date: 16.09.2020 Time: 10:10 – 11:22 am CEST   Speakers (TBC):
Post date: 30 Čer 2020
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Webinar 9: The perception of sound and heat pumps   Date: 2.09.2020Time: 10:10 – 11:22 am CEST   Speakers (TBC):
Post date: 26 Čer 2020
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Webinar 8: Planning support for green buildings and cities   Date: 22.07.2020 Time: 10:10 – 11:22 am CEST   Speakers: Chris Caerts, Project & Product Manager, VITO NV Martin Jakob, Executive partner, TEP Energy Steffen Robbi, Business-Manager, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology  
Post date: 22 Čer 2020
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THE ENERGY TRANSITION SERIES - How to be more "gridful"? Envisioning Europe's electric grid with heat pumps   Date: July 08 Time: 10:10 - 11:22 (CEST) Tickets:  free  get tickets
Post date: 19 Čer 2020
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The energy transition in the built environment: High-rise buildings   Speakers:   Andreas Kahr, Heat Pump Business DevelopmentVaillant Group Austria GmbH Martin Betz, Group Technical Director - Glen Dimplex    Date and Time: June 24  10:10 - 11:22 (+02:00 CEST)  
Post date: 11 Čer 2020
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Online The Essence of Heat Pump Series Heat pumps in renovation: The most flexible technology when renovating any kind of building   Date: 17.06.2020 Time: 10:10 – 11:22 am CEST   Speakers: Christianna Papazahariou, European Regulatory Manager, LG Electronics   THE VISIONARY LEADERS PROVIDING YOU WITH THE ESSENCE OF THE ENERGY TRANSITION  
Post date: 10 Čer 2020
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EHPA is pleased to invite you to its new Online Projects Talks series. Bringing together the knowledge gained from our projects and linking it with likeminded initiatives from outside our organization.  
Post date: 9 Čer 2020
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5 faktori koji ometaju energiju prijelaz na nula emisije u Europi do 2050, piše Thomas Nowak.   Kako da koristimo energiju u našem društvu treba promijeniti, ako želimo zadržati globalno zatopljenje ispod 2°C, kao što je predviđeno u cop21 u Parizu. Taj prijelaz mora uključivati donositeljima odluka na svim razinama i mora prije svega uključiti građane.  
Post date: 28 Bře 2017
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