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Quickly wrap your mind around the CEN-CE scheme thanks to the REHVA Journal special issue CEN-CE project:
Post date: 6 Srp 2020
Type: Publication

Energy performance calculation has been required well before requirements by the EPB directive, like in several other European countries. Regulation 10/91 of 1991 and its application decree DPR 412/93 of 1993 first asked for an energy performance calculation and demonstration of minimum energy performance levels to get a building permit. At that time calculation and requirements were limited to heating service in new buildings.
Post date: 13 Lis 2019
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This document shows the proceedings (summary and slide presentations) of the meeting of several subcommittees of the "Comitato Termotecnico Italiano Energia e Ambiente" (CTI) about technical and regulatory aspects of the national transposition of the EPBD, that took place during the 68th National Congress
Post date: 11 Úno 2014
Type: Publication