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Albero project of rehabilitation, modernization and requalification of the architectural envelope is part of this urban dynamic as much by its singular aestheticism as by the proposed living environment wanted healthy and pleasant to live for future users. Sequences of access are revisited from the outside to work stations and places of relaxation by revealing and optimizing the potential of this obsolete office building. With these ambitious stakes, our response is also accompanied by a remarkable attitude.
Post date: 22 Kvě 2019
Type: Věc

ReCO2ST applies an easy 3-step approach to building renovations, resulting in major savings and heightened standards of living, at a near-zero energy coefficient.   First, our interactive Refurbishment Assessment Tool (RAT) provides the customer with clearly defined, user-driven refurbishment scenarios. The installation is then planned and optimized through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) tool, and finally, the selected refurbishment package of innovative technologies is deployed as a customizable Retrofit-Kit.
Post date: 30 Dub 2019
Type: Odkaz

During this event activities of various Technical Collaboration Programmes (TCP) of theInternational Energy Agency will be presented and focus will be on the energy reduction in the built environment and the reduction of CO2- emissions.The symposium will explain the various activities. Special attention will be paid to the Belgian and Dutch context. The results of a diverse selection of projects will be presented, including energy resources on community and building level, the indoor environment and the role of users.
Post date: 11 Dub 2019
Type: Event

The UN climate summits, so called COP (Conference of the Parties) are global conferences, in the course of which action for climate policy is negotiated. Poland hosted them twice - in 2008, in Poznań and in 2013, in Warsaw. In December 2018, for the first time, the climate summit will take place in Katowice.  
Post date: 3 Pro 2018
Type: Novinky

The Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5º C was approved by the IPCC on Saturday in Incheon, Republic of Korea. It will be a key scientific input into the Katowice Climate Change Conference in Poland in December, when governments review the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change.
Post date: 10 Říj 2018
Type: Novinky

The research group ARDITEC from the Higher Technical School of Building Engineering at the University of Seville has led a pioneering European project to calculate the environmental impact of residential buildings. The novelty of this initiative is that for the first time an open-source computing tool which can, simply and intuitively, calculate the CO2 emissions in each phase of a building project, in order to obtain a global picture of its carbon footprint from its conception and to help decide every variable in the construction process.
Post date: 24 Črv 2018
Type: Tool

Nedavna ubrzanja globalne energetske učinkovitosti riskiraju usporavanje ako vlade ne održavaju svoju usredotočenost na provedbu novih politika učinkovitosti, prema novom izvješću Međunarodne agencije za energetiku.
Post date: 9 Říj 2017
Type: Novinky

Energetska učinkovitost je ključna za sve globalne tranzicije energije. To je najveći dostupan, siguran i pristupačan izvor energije u svijetu, a svaka vlada diljem svijeta ima moć daljnjeg iskorištavanja učinkovitosti za široku korist. Energetska učinkovitost 2017 od strane Međunarodne agencije za energiju (IEA) je globalni tracker koji ispituje trendove, pokazatelje, utjecaje i pokretače napretka energetske učinkovitosti. Pitanja koja se obrađuju u ovogodišnjem izvješću uključuju:
Post date: 9 Říj 2017
Type: Publication

Sustainability is one of the main topics of the Housing and the Innovation Agenda that Aedes- the Association of Dutch social housing corporations- members agreed upon before the summer. In the coming years, they will make their dwellings more energy efficient and increase the pace.   On a short term basis, the sector wants to attain an average energy label B for the total stock of social dwellings by 2021. This calls for an acceleration of investment in solar panels, insulation and heating network connections.  
Post date: 14 Zář 2017
Type: Novinky

The Interreg Europe VIOLET project addresses a common challenge among EU regions, home to a building stock of important traditional buildings. These buildings are an asset not only to residents, but also to various industries that sustain European economies, such as cultural tourism and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).  
Post date: 10 Srp 2017
Type: Odkaz