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The construction is designated as hostel for the pilgrims of "Camino de Santiago". The architects, Naxto Ibarrexte and Inaki Del Prim, aimed to combine in their project aspects of sustainability, healthy construction with local materials and energy efficiency.  
Post date: 2 Lis 2020
Type: Věc

From rules to reality: the implementation of the Electricity Market Design as driver for demand-side flexibility?   smartEn Symposium   17 November (9.30 – 11.00)   The EU Electricity Regulation and Directive provide the basis for an ambitious European Green Deal and Green Recovery in the energy sector.  
Post date: 20 Říj 2020
Type: Event

Innsbruck is one of the pilot cities of the FP7 project SINFONIA, and selected its eastern district to demonstrate the large scale implementation of energy efficient measures, with the objective of achieving on average 40 – 50% primary energy savings in the demo sites and to increase at least by 30% the share of renewables in the district’s energy mix.  
Post date: 6 Říj 2020
Type: Věc

The dashboard allows to navigate throughout the results of the multi-objective building life cycle cost and performance analysis of the CRAVEzero case studies. In particular, there are information for office buildings (ValaGard, Aspern), multi family residential buildings (Isola Nel Verde, Solallén, Alizari, Les Heliades, Greenhome, ) and single-family residential buildings (MORE).
Post date: 31 Črv 2020
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Considering the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   FLEXCON is the international conference bringing together parties who share the common goal of engaging consumers in the flexible energy revolution.    Do not miss this full-day event with workshops and inclusive talks on topics including smart grids, blockchain, energy markets, demand response, transactive energy, smart homes, and more.  
Post date: 16 Črv 2020
Type: Event