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In the framework of ZEMedS project, which deals with school deep renovation leading nZEB concept in Mediterranean climates, first exemplary renovations have been identified in this regard. The corresponding schools are located in Montpellier surroundings and have been conceived according to BBC French voluntary label. - Victor Hugo School in Clapiers - La Castelle School Group in Lattes
Post date: 9 Říj 2013
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Post date: 20 Pro 2012
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Here you can download the PDF version of this Overview article (see below under 'Additional documents').Enjoy reading, and feel free to send a comment of your own! Legislation and National Applications
Post date: 12 Zář 2012
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The IREEN project will design a roadmap for energy-positive neighbourhoods for what should be done within the next 10 years. “Energy positive” neighbourhoods have the capacity to generate more power than needed, by consuming low energy or reduced energy over the life cycle. The IREEN roadmap will link and prioritise actions through the innovation life cycle: RTD (Research & Technological Development), experimentation and   validation, the transfer to market and deployment, and standardisation.
Post date: 7 Kvě 2012
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The article also presents a list of advantages of a combined chilled water system.
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Post date: 27 Led 2012
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This new platform will offer various useful topics to building practitioners such as;  news, thematic communities and a database of the most innovative building or refurbishment projects. A prototype website is already running in French. Join us!
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What is the Energy Concept Adviser?
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