NZEB - Near Zero-Energy Buildings

Post date: 15 Říj 2012
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  IEE SUSTAINCO project aims to support the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) - 2010/31/EU) into national legislation in the project's partner countries. The project will help to build capacity for the development of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB), promote sustainable development of rural communities, facilitate knowledge transfer from Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment (SERVE-FP6 CONCERTO) and create an information campaign to engage rural regions in the Covenant of Mayors (CoM).  
Post date: 12 Říj 2012
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The project of the Green Urban Pilot Neighborhood, run by the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and funded by EPPERAA and EU Cohesion funds, is one of the first in the country to involve the close collaboration of a public organization with the private sector towards achieving higher energy standards in existing social housing communities.
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Here you can download the PDF version of this Overview article (see below under 'Additional documents').Enjoy reading, and feel free to send a comment of your own! Legislation and National Applications
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To meet these challenges, the sector must innovate - it must identify ways to save money during the construction or rebuilding process and to look for innovative approaches, concepts and building techniques which make the realisation of nearly-Zero Energy buildings both simpler and cheaper. These innovations which should integrate design, building processes, building systems and techniques as well as the legislative framework, the financing and governance must radically reduce energy consumption in exchange for a manageable additional investment.
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La conferencia consistió en dos debates en los que se analizaron el grado de madurez y penetración en el mercado de las distintas tecnologías así como los instrumentos legislativos, económicos y financieros disponibles para conseguir edificios de consumo de energía casi nulo.
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