NZEB - Near Zero-Energy Buildings

2 wind turbines models : - 3 wind turbine free standing (height 15 m – power 10 kW (each))  for a total yearly production of 45 MW/a) - 3 roof top wind turbines (height 3 m) total yearly production : 15 MWh/a Photovoltaic panels : 80 m² – yearly production 2 MWh/a Thermal solar power used directly in the building for heating and domestic water. Air cooling : earth-to-air heat exchanger Ventilation : heat recovery system Water rain is recovered and re used in for washroom facilities.
Post date: 2 Kvě 2010
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This CECODHAS-Housing Europe led initiative is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme now has an official on-line home at The new site provides space for organizations to upload case studies and an on-line forum to allow them to get in touch directly with others or to share views. There is also a selection of tools, guidebooks and case studies aimed at helping organizations to develop their energy strategy in the resource section of the site.
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  Why not see what the POWER HOUSE EUROPE National Platforms can do for you?  
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According to the Dutch Housing Laws an energy performance (EPc) = 1,0 is obliged. The project in Harderwijk achieves a much better energy performance (EPc) = 0,75, the houses in Etten Leur achieves an energy performance (EPc) = 0,50. Passive solar energy, photovoltaic solar energy, co-generation conservatories, thermal power station, sun rooms, solar collectors and heat recovery are applied in these houses.
Post date: 10 Čer 2009
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