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Webinar – Building airtightness improvements of the building stock- Analysis of European databases

  Air infiltration in buildings has multiple consequences on energy use and indoor environmental quality. Therefore, in the last 10 years many countries have introduced requirements for building airtightness in their EP-regulation.   Those...

OVERVIEW | 3D printing in the construction sector

3D printing, also referred as additive manufacturing (AM), is a major element of the fourth industrial revolution and has the potential to transform the construction sector as a way of introducing robotization into construction.   3D...

Webinar | Calculations with the set of EPB standards (III) - Whole building calculations, from components to overall primary energy

Webinar 9 – Example calculations with the set of EPB standards – (3) Whole building calculations, from components to overall primary energy ( 12h00 – 13h30 – 19th January 2021) Following the successful first series of 6 webinars on the Energy...

NoMu Wood project

Concept and objectives:   NoMu Wood is a digital platform to guide and inspire Nordic Municipalities them in the process of building in wood.   More broadly though, the treasure trove of information herein can offer something for...

SMART5GRID project

Concept and objectives:   5G is envisioned to be the first global technology standard that will address the variety of future use cases of the energy sector, by ensuring that both the radio and core network performance requirements...

New Buildings Institute (NBI) project

Concept: New Buildings Institute (NBI) is a trusted, independent nonprofit organization with a mission to push for better buildings that achieve zero energy, zero carbon, and beyond—through research, policy, guidance, and market...

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency project

Concept and objectives:   Established in September 2013, the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (Copenhagen Centre) is dedicated to accelerating the uptake of energy efficiency policies and actions at a global scale.   The...


Concept and objectives:   A breakthrough in micro-energy harvesting and storage technologies is required to cover the increasing demand of autonomous wireless sensor nodes (WSN) for the future Internet of Things (IoT), which is...

SIFIS-HOME project

Concept:   As the internet grows, the detection of and reaction to cyber attacks is critical. The EU-funded SIFIS-HOME project aims to provide a secure-by-design and consistent software framework that will improve the security and...

InnoRenew CoE project

Concept:   The underlying concept of the InnoRenew project is to develop and operate a new Centre of Excellence, the InnoRenew CoE, that will conduct cutting edge scientific research related to renewable materials utilisation,...