The Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) Initiative is unveiling its definition of an energy efficient mortgage which is the result of extensive cross-sectoral, market consultation of the lending institutions piloting the energy efficient mortgage framework and of the EEM Advisory Council.   The announcement coincides with the United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP24 –  taking place in Katowice, Poland until 14 December.  
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The clean energy transition represents a key opportunity for public authorities, investors and businesses to unlock financing for Smart Buildings and address the needs of European citizens while driving the energy transition forward.  
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What are ‘green mortgages’? At the moment, there is no universal definition of green mortgages, but they usually refer to mortgages on energy efficient homes. It might be useful to expand this definition to include climate resilience as well as energy efficiency. The reasoning behind promoting green mortgages is that owners of energy-efficient homes might be less likely to default on their payments. Since energy efficiency lowers energy use, energy-efficient homes should have lower bills.
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In the last years, the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings is one of the main topics pursue at European level able to generate economic, social and environmental benefits.  
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  By joining the scheme, the two banks will adopt standards which are currently being tested as part of an EU-backed pilot programme involving banks and financial institutions representing a combined lending power of over €3 trillion, equal to around 20% of the EU’s GDP. The pilot scheme aims at trialling new criteria for energy efficiency mortgages for homebuyers. The proposed standards will provide lenders with the critical information they need to understand how energy use and efficiency improvements impact on mortgage risks.
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FINERPOL project partners identified around 100 best practices around the world of financial instruments for energy efficiency and renewable energy and evaluated them according to criteria developed together by the partnership. These criteria included what each initiative aimed to achieve, who was involved, its financial performance, and impact on reducing carbon emissions. Finermap is an useful and intuitive tool because:
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Since 2016 EuroAccess has been a central online information point on EU funding opportunities in the Danube region. Over the time it has proven to be a success, therefore, a decision to extend the website to all four EU macro-regional strategies – the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region, the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region – has been taken. The updated online platform, covering all four EU macro-regional strategies, was launched on 25th June 2018.  
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This scheme is now closed.   “RYŚ” programme – Grants for thermo-renovation of single-family residential buildings in Poland   The “RYŚ” programme is administered by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management WFOŚiGW. The fund was initiated in 2015 and is due to continue until 2023 with a total budget of €95M, that includes €29M for non-refundable forms of support.  
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Under a project funded through an ASHRAE Undergraduate Senior Project Grant, engineers will get a bird’s eye view of the energy use of building envelopes.  
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