PV - photovoltaics

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Post date: 26 Ιουν 2019
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El sector energético está viviendo una revolución impulsada por la introducción de nuevas tecnologías, lo que está cambiando desde las formas de generación hasta del consumo.   En este contexto, Ayesa está participando en un proyecto financiado por la UE para el desarrollo de sistemas fotovoltaicos de gran calidad.  
Post date: 20 Ιουν 2019
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Currently, the reliable evaluation of self-consumption and the interaction between the buildings and the grid is becoming crucial for the design. Nevertheless, the calculation approaches widely used allow for monthly and yearly evaluations of the energy demand.   Coping this issue, PVopti is an effective support for retrieving hourly energy demand profiles and photovoltaic production, evaluating the interaction with the grid and the self-consumption rate starting from the annual consumptio  
Post date: 11 Ιουν 2019
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Ogni impianto fotovoltaico è composto da numerosi componenti – moduli fotovoltaici, i diversi cavi, l’inverter ovvero il cuore dell’impianto stesso - tenerli monitorati e rendere questi dati facilmente accessibili permetterebbe di ottimizzare la gestione e la manutenzione degli impianti, che si tratti di impianti residenziali o di grandi impianti.  
Post date: 27 Μάιος 2019
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In the face of the urgent need to renovate and decarbonise the existing building stock, special focus is on building skins, such as roofs and facades, to make them more efficient through innovative solutions and materials, but also to generate energy. This is essential to achieve the EU 2030 energy targets, only 11 years away.  
Post date: 22 Μάιος 2019
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This database tool aims to boost the BIPV penetration in the building sector, overcoming existing barriers as well as encouraging designers with inspiring examples of BIPV buildings and a quick glance at the current BIPV market.   As part of this initiative, a database collecting products is worked in parallel. These products are categorised in (a) modules, (b) mounting systems and (c) energy systems and can then be filtered by colour, size, transparency, technology type, storage, power conversion, etc.
Post date: 6 Μάιος 2019
Type: Tool

In the framework of the PV-ESTIA project, the performance of the proposed PV+storage Innovative Management Scheme will be evaluated under real-field conditions. Pilot installations will be selected with the aim to examine if and how the size of the Energy Storage Systems and the different geographical conditions affect the performance of the innovative management scheme. The pilot installations include the following cities:
Post date: 4 Απρ 2019
Type: περίπτωση

The Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) has approved 3 orders that facilitate the commercialization of electricity generated from renewable energy sources by prosumers in facilities with a maximum installed capacity of 27 kW.   These orders provide the regulatory framework to ensure that end-consumers can be consumers and be paid for electricity supplied to the grid, ANRE said on its website.  
Post date: 14 Ιαν 2019
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Artificial intelligence has found plenty of time and money saving applications within the solar industry, in the automated production of solar panels and the forecasting of their long-term performance, among other areas.  
Post date: 10 Δεκ 2018
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Fraunhofer ISE, in collaboration with the EU-funded CPVMatch project, has set a new record for solar module efficiency at 41.4%.   The module measures 122 cm² and utilizes a multijunction, tandem cell set up, with multiple layers of active cell material stacked on top of each other to absorb different sections of the light spectrum. Fraunhofer did not specify the cell materials used in the record-breaking module, other than to say that they are based on III-V compound semiconductors.
Post date: 27 Νοε 2018
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