Since these last years, the application of the European Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) has led to a higher interest in summer comfort issue. In this context, the design of glazing complexes (glazing and solar shading) is a key issue since it directly influences the thermal and visual perception of interior spaces.  
Post date: 14 Dec 2018
Type: Tool

Aeropolis is an urban UFO. Its compact form sits square on street alignment south just to show it does belong there, discretely steps back west liberating a sunny plaza like a breather off the busy boulevard, and humbly aligns its cornice levels with the massive KINETIX next door. The resulting built form wraps itself around a federating patio ensuring optimal daylight entry for all occupants. So it is a respectful UFO.  
Post date: 13 Dec 2018
Type: Case

The conference will include plenary sessions with high-level representatives from Covenant of Mayors initiative, the investment community, and the European Commission, a showcase of successful projects on:   - Innovative financing solutions; - Financing climate adaptation; - Financing urban mobility; - Financing Energy Efficiency in the public sector;  - Financing Home renovation; - Innovative sustainable energy planning.  
Post date: 11 Dec 2018
Type: Event

Report on suggested elements, content and layout of the iBRoad tools.   The Report “The iBRoad Concept in practice” aims to elaborate on the concept and benefits of the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap, giving an overview of the potential services to be provided by the relevant software itself, as well as of the potential links with other tools or services available on the market, and present the ones that are to be actually implemented and tested under the iBRoad project.  
Post date: 11 Dec 2018
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SAVE THE DATE!   New technologies and open data, levers to achieve climate and energy goals  
Post date: 10 Dec 2018
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The conference will bring together senior representatives from European energy suppliers, developers of storage technologies and suppliers energy storage services, policy regulators and industry associations, market analysts and consultants, research organizations and institutes, distributions network and transmission service operators, financial investments companies and governmental representatives.  
Post date: 6 Dec 2018
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Energy efficiency topics of the 2019 call of Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 3 – Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy – will be presented in a series of workshops organised by EASME throughout the day.   REGISTRATION Registrations are now open until 18 January 2019 or whenever the maximum number of the participants has been reached. We will not be able to accept additional registrations once the event is full even if this occurs before the registration deadline.  
Post date: 5 Dec 2018
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To know more about it, join its closing events in Brussels on 6-7 February 2019.  
Post date: 3 Dec 2018
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Companies call for net-zero emissions by 2050 to help transition to low-carbon economy.   Climate change is defining our era. If our behavior doesn’t change, we risk missing the moment when we can avoid the disastrous consequences of climate change, for people and for the natural systems that support us all. We are at a defining moment.  
Post date: 29 Nov 2018
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Agenda   10:45 - 11:20 | Registration and welcome by the host, Rob van Eijkeren, Director of House of Dutch Provinces   11:20 - 11:50 | Energiesprong: from vision to multi markets scaling enabled by Transition Zero Ron van Erck, Energiesprong, Head of International Market Development  
Post date: 28 Nov 2018
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