One of Europe’s flagship initiatives for building and district energy efficiency innovation, CONCERTO, held its final conference on 22 and 23 October in Brussels. Co-delivered by R2CITIES partner Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, the event focused on the drive towards energy solutions for smart cities and communities. Some 300 delegates attended the conference with a panel of experts discussing how to disseminate know-how from avant-garde communities and how to put this knowledge to use in the new EU initiative for Smart Cities. 
Post date: 11 Nov 2013
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Three cases studies will constitute the basis for developing an easily replicable strategy for renovating districts so that they reach near zero-energy consumption.
Post date: 4 Nov 2013
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Construction21.eu launches first virtual tradeshow for sustainable construction for Europe with the support of 13 Green Building Councils.
Post date: 25 Oct 2013
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This FP7 project, co-funded by the EU, was hosted by the Coordinator Fundación CARTIF together with the other 16  partners of the project. 
Post date: 22 Oct 2013
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WHAT will ee-WISE do?ee-WiSE will address the current problems of the Energy Efficiency (EE) Sector and promote the EE Market focusing on building retrofitting in the Mediterranean countries. In order to achieve this, ee-WiSE will develop a Knowledge Transfer Framework, for the agents of the sector’s value chain, which will provide tools to solve knowledge transfer breakpoints. Agents will be connected in the Framework with best practices and recommendations that will promote the EE Market through the retrofitting sector enlargement under a common perspective.
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Post date: 4 Sep 2013
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ENNEREG developed and implemented regional Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) to steer the sustainable energy process in the following regions: Upper Palatinate, Germany; Cyclades, Greece; Triangle, Denmark; Basque, Spain; Madeira, Portugal; Silistra, Bulgaria; Kaunas, Lithuania; Blekinge, Sweden; Rhône Alpes, France; Wales, UK; Pomerania and Wielkopolska, Poland.
Post date: 6 Aug 2013
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The ManagEnergy Annual ConferenceThe 2013 ManagEnergy conference played a central role at this year’s EUSEW. The conference, jointly organised with the Covenant of Mayors,opened EUSEW 2013. Its themes focused on current political, economic and social concerns and the need for new financial models to boost sustainable energy investments in Europe.
Post date: 29 Jul 2013
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There is an urgent need to increase the energy efficiency of European building stock. Buildings account for 40 percent of total energy consumption in the European Union.   Nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs), a new generation of low energy buildings, with integrated renewable energy sources, increased levels of comfort and limited environmental impact, will play a pivotal role in improving European building stock.  
Post date: 21 Jun 2013
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