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In the framework of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), biomass burning for heat production in households has emerged as a major issue where a better balance between “decarbonisation” benefits and negative impacts on air quality, the environment and human health is needed.  
Post date: 9 Jan 2019
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  The Covenant of Mayors (CoM) was launched in 2008 by the European Commission to support the efforts deployed by local authorities in the implementation of sustainable energy and climate policies. At 4 September 2016, 6201 local authorities from 54 countries had joined the initiative, representing 213 million inhabitants.  
Post date: 16 Nov 2016
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Volume 2: Current status and expected progress in comparison with national renewable energy action plans This report by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union provides a succinct presentation of the current state of renewable energy development in the European Union, as well as the progress expected by 2020, as forecasted in the Member States’ national renewable energy action plans (NREAPs). More specifically, the report is divided into two parts: 
Post date: 3 Sep 2015
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Greenhouse gas emission savings due to renewable energy (2009-12)   The report provides an overview of greenhouse gas emission (GHG) savings in the European Union due to the use of renewable energy in three sectors: electricity, heating/cooling, and transport.  
Post date: 14 Aug 2015
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These Renewable Energy Snapshots are based on various data providers including grey data sources and try to give an overview about the latest developments and trends in the different technologies. Due to the fact that unconsolidated data are used there is an uncertainty margin which should not be neglected. The author has cross checked and validated the different data against each other's, but does not take any responsibility about the use of these data.
Post date: 3 Mar 2014
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Read the whole report "Renewable Energy Snapshots 2011" at http://ec.europa.eu/energy/publications/doc/2011_renewable_energy_snapshots.pdf
Post date: 17 Oct 2012
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