Martin Pehnt

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The report “The iBRoad concept in practice” gives an overview of the potential services to be provided by the relevant software itself, as well as of the potential links with other tools or services available on the market, and present the ones that are to be actually implemented and tested under the iBRoad project.  
Post date: 18 Dec 2018
Type: Publication

This document gives a summary of the results of the Energy Balance research project that was operated in 2007-2009 at Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (Germany). Four questions were the starting point of the Energy Balance project: How can renewable energy be used more efficiently? How can technologies and infrastructures use renewable energy in a technically and economically meaningful way? How can the interaction between renewable energy and energy efficiency be optimized in the political instruments?
Post date: 2 Sep 2013
Type: Publication