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Exposures in homes constitute the major part of exposures to airborne pollutants experienced through the human lifetime. They can constitute from 60 to 95% of our total lifetime exposures, of which 30% occurs when we sleep.
Post date: 17 Mar 2016
Type: Publication

Building new homes to meet the demanding energy efficiency regulations in Europe is essential, but the benefits will accrue slowly as it will take several decades before such houses form a significant proportion of the stock. The major challenge is retrofitting existing, energy-inefficient homes to lower energy consumption (and bills), offer better thermal comfort and increase property value.  
Post date: 6 Oct 2013
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House full of Energy (huis vol energie)Publication of different innovative and integral energy concepts for renovation and new housing. Each home owner is different.  Some owners like to stay in contact with nature others want their house renovated or built efficiently. This book gives concepts for 3 different styles of living:Modern ComfortNature houseSmart and effectiveFor each of these styles, integral energy concepts of dwellings are developed. These are illustrated with interviews of home owners and tenants with inspiring examples.
Post date: 30 May 2012
Type: Publication

The 5th International BUILDAIR-Symposium ”Building and Ductwork Air-tightness“ takes place on October 21-22 2010 at the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen/Lyngby, Denmark. The Symposium this year combines contributions from sciences and research with very practical oriented application knowledge and an intensive exchange between the participants.
Post date: 15 Jun 2010
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