Im Rahmen der Begleitforschung zu EnEff:Stadt wurde eine vergleichende Auswertung von zwölf Demonstrationsvorhaben durchgeführt. Hierfür entwickelten die Autoren Methoden und ein energetisches Bilanzierungstool auf Grundlage der DIN V 18599, die es ermöglichen, die Projekte unter den gleichen Randbedingungen auszuwerten.
Post date: 4 Jul 2016
Type: Publication

e-SCEAF (Smart City Energy Assessment Framework) Tool provides City Authorities with an effective framework for assessing the performance of a City in terms of energy optimisation, CO2 emissions reduction and energy cost minimisation. Using appropriate indicators, the progress of a city in that direction can be revealed by analysing and evaluating its ex-ante and ex-post status across three axes: ‘Political Field of Action’, ‘Energy and Environmental Profile’ and ‘Related Infrastructures and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
Post date: 26 Apr 2016
Type: Tool

REMOURBAN maps key smart characteristics of over 40 cities in 18 countries   With a wealth of insight and practical principals being generated by this project, REMOURBAN has worked to characterise and identify the cities which would be best placed to replicate and accelerate smart city innovation.
Post date: 20 Apr 2016
Type: News

The urban transformation gets real: REMOURBAN project meeting marks a turning point from theory to action   After stretching the imagination in search of innovation, analysing solutions and lining up the necessary human, technical and financial support, REMOURBAN is ready to get to work on some serious urban transformation.  
Post date: 31 Mar 2016
Type: News

40,000 citizens in more than 80 EU cities speak about quality of life   A major ‘flash barometer’ survey conducted by the European Union every three years has given an essential insight into our perception of quality of life day-to-day. Importantly for REMOURBAN cities and stakeholders, issues like air and noise pollution and climate change also complement satisfaction with infrastructure and facilities.   
Post date: 26 Feb 2016
Type: News

Leading Europe’s energy transition and efficiency revolution: Udine, Italy extends its welcome to the CITyFiED network of 50 European cities   The growing importance of cities as drivers of climate change is hard to miss. Today, much of the practical initiatives and momentum to reduce climate emissions now lies with cities, where much of our population, services and economic activity reside. But how can we make the most of a window of opportunity to become climate smart and highly energy efficient?  
Post date: 23 Feb 2016
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How the urban profile conditions the energy consumption of cities The concept of urban profile or the design of urban space in urbanism is becoming increasingly known as new technologies are made available to researchers giving a new twist and meaning to the urban space.
Post date: 12 Jan 2016
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Urban warming has a very significant impact on human life: it increases energy consumption, reduces comfort levels, increases pollution concentration, threatens human health and affects the urban economy. Mitigation technologies aiming to counter the impact of the phenomenon are rapidly being developed and applied in real projects.   Urban warming and the heat island effect  
Post date: 1 Apr 2015
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