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Post date: 15 Dec 2011
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Home Building Skills 2020 is a joint initiative between NHBC, Zero Carbon Hub and ConstructionSkills, supported by the Home Builders Federation. It was set up in 2009 to investigate the likely changes affecting the new homes industry and to advise on how the various professional, trade and technical roles should prepare in terms of training and qualifications.
Post date: 14 Dec 2011
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Awareness site for energy efficiency in single family houses, containing information on:Energy savings calculatorEnergy savings solutionsInspirationEducation of craftsmen
Post date: 9 Dec 2011
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- project implementation - database of available training materials - database of best practices - PATRES training programme   
Post date: 14 Jul 2011
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Master and Post-graduate Education and Training in Multi-disciplinary Teams Implementing EPBD and Beyond In order to achieve the implementation of the Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the 20-20-20 targets set by the EU, it is necessary to design optimal energy efficient buildings by applying an integrated multidisciplinary design approach. This means that architects and specialists like mechanical, civil, and HVAC engineers, energy experts and installers should work together in multidisciplinary
Post date: 28 Jun 2011
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Post date: 1 Feb 2011
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During the course of YEP! the European partnership has produced a number of documents and resources that have relevance to those who may wish to carry out educational projects of their own. The documents relate to project management and communication strategy as well as to the educational materials and research outcomes of the project activity itself. Results based on the work in 7 different countries (UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria) include: Certificate in Sustainable Skills for life and work School energy diary
Post date: 21 Dec 2010
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The overall objective of the action has been to contribute to increased energy knowledge by addressing the world’s most important target group – namely our children. They will meet the climate and energy supply challenges when they become adults. The work done with the Kids4Future project can be valuable to give European children both the knowledge and the engagement to contribute to a sustainable future. At the core of the action are a joint visual profile and one brand. The platform is a universal energy story, called the story of the Rainmakers.
Post date: 25 Nov 2010
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