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The Education Secretary said: "Scotland has a global lead in renewable energy. The Scottish Government has invested millions to develop our competitive edge in clean, green energy and we are equally committed to helping industry move to low carbon products and services.
Post date: 26 Oct 2010
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Eco-Schools is one of five environmental education programmes run internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). In addition to Eco-Schools, FEE runs Green Key, Young Reporters for the Environment, Blue Flag and Learning about Forests. There are 46 countries around the world that run the Eco-Schools programme, linking more than 40,000 schools – from the UK to France, from Morocco to South Africa.
Post date: 28 Jun 2010
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During the visit, the Minister met the 1000th trainee to graduate from the academy since it opened in 2008. Greg Barker, said: "It is great to meet the faces of the future who, in time, will be making homes in Leicester and across the country warmer, cheaper to run and better for the planet."
Post date: 16 Jun 2010
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Post date: 17 May 2010
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 The Task Force's recommendations fall into four broad categories:Establishment of minimum performance standards based on energy use per sq/ft Energy use benchmarking of all buildings Incentives to help address regulatory and financial barriers Workforce development and public education initiativesSeveral policy actions are currently underway to advance zero net energy buildings:
Post date: 8 Apr 2010
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Pour aider les pays de l'UE dans la transposition dans leur législation nationale de la Directive sur la performance énergétique des bâtiments, l'action concertée EPBD-CA a été lancé par la Commission européenne pour promouvoir le dialogue et l'échange des meilleures pratiques entre eux. Ce forum très actif des autorités nationales de 29 pays s'est efforcé de trouver des approches communes pour la mise en œuvre plus efficace de cette législation européenne.
Post date: 18 Mar 2010
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