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Residencial Mentha is made up of 3 buildings with independent envelopes, making a total of 93 VPPL dwellings. The homes are distributed in 3 bedrooms with an average surface area of 84 m2 per home and different orientations. It is located in the eastern area of Madrid, El Cañaveral, of recent construction. The homes have terraces, garage, storage room and communal area with swimming pool.  
Post date: 7 May 2021
Type: Case

The X-tendo toolbox enables you, as a public authority or implementing agency, to improve the current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scheme of your country, evolving towards the next-generation.   The elements of the X-tendo toolbox include for each of the features, the following components:  
Post date: 4 May 2021
Type: Tool

The two-group kindergarten with an exercise room includes a sustainable architecture and energy concept.  
Post date: 9 Apr 2021
Type: Case

Fiddleback House provides a young family with contemporary living in a certified Passive House that respects the pristine alpine environment of its surrounds.   Through intelligent design and collaborative decision making, Fiddleback House is a striking example of an affordable home that meets world-leading standards in sustainability and comfort.  
Post date: 19 Mar 2021
Type: Case

This deliverable provides further analysis, policy proposals and draft descriptions of tools on the seven areas that the project has identified as its priorities for the development of enhanced EPC schemes.   This document provides detailed analysis, draft policy proposals and descriptions of tools on the seven priorities identified for the development of enhanced Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) schemes:  
Post date: 26 Feb 2021
Type: Publication

Brinova Arena Karlskrona is a multi functional venue suitable for both larger events and smaller sports activities. It is built to PHI Low Energy Standard and was completed in 2019.   Parties involved:  
Post date: 9 Feb 2021
Type: Case

This special BREEAM Awards publication proudly presents the people, projects and organisations that are leading the way with significant achievements in sustainable building design, development and management.   The projects shortlisted range from homes in vibrant mixed-use developments, to education sports buildings serving students and the wider communities in which they reside, to large scale commercial properties incorporating green roofs and living walls in the centre of cities.  
Post date: 8 Feb 2021
Type: Publication

  OAER organizează în perioada 26 februarie - 14 martie cursul de formare continuă pentru auditori energetici (gradul I și II).   Se prezintă Mc001 revizuită, versiunea aflată în proces de avizare la MDLPA.  
Post date: 29 Jan 2021
Type: Event

În data de 27 ianuarie 2021 (miercuri), ora 14, vă invităm la un nou webinar organizat de OAER atât pentru a prezenta stadiul dezvoltării programului de calcul cât și pentru a exemplifica în mod concret certificarea energetică a unui apartament și a unei locuințe individuale.   Pentru inscriere la webinar clientii ENERG+ vor folosi urmatorul link: Here   
Post date: 18 Jan 2021
Type: Event

Before the refurbishment started, the local authority had around 1,500 bedsits right across the city. Known as zero-bed units, they were small – usually no more than 26 square metres – and as they aged, they became progressively less attractive to tenants.   Moreover, the more unattractive the location, the more ‘de-tenanted’ they became. So began a vicious cycle of vacancy, dilapidation and social deterioration.  
Post date: 8 Jan 2021
Type: Case