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Bringing nature back into cities can help fight global warming.   Fighting climate change is the challenge of the century. The last UN Environment Emissions Gap Report warned that, in order to ensure global warming stays below 2°C, efforts should be tripled, and if we want to stay below 1.5°C, they should be increased around five times.  
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Green roofs are structurally engineered and generally comprise of six key components as illustrated in the figure bellow. These are:  
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In spite of mitigating the urban heat island phenomenon and offering numerous other benefits, green buildings have some potential disadvantages. Although they might be negligible or inconvenient to a particular group of people, these defects should be mentioned.  
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Green roofs, or living roofs as they are also known, can be classified according to type of usage, construction factors and maintenance requirements, into three different types; extensive, semi-intensive and intensive green roofs.  
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Did you know that our planet receives enough energy from the sun that it can power the whole world?  All the energy that the world uses every day could be replaced with solar. It is no wonder then that more and more people want to take advantage of this valuable natural resource. By going solar, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint on this planet and will be surprised with how much money you could save on utilities.
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The 8th China (Guangzhou)International Roof, Facade, Waterproofing Exhibition 2018 Roof China 2018   Date: 15-17 May, 2018 Venue: Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo). Guangzhou, China   Products Services Focus Bituminous waterproofing membrane, roofing system, wall materials, waterproof paint, sealing material, metal roof systems, waterproofing construction equipment & application technology and so on.    
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The 7th International Building Physics Conference (IBPC 2018): “Healthy, Intelligent, and Resilient Buildings and Urban Environments”, aims to advance the collective understanding of the nature and behaviour of the cyber-physical systems in these different scales, how they interact, and what can be done to optimise their design and operation for healthy, intelligent and resilient buildings and urban environments.   Contributions are invited, but not limited to, the following topics:   Building Materials, Assemblies, and Enclosure Systems
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Increase of the urban ambient temperature caused by local and global phenomena is probably the more incontestable incident of climate change. Urban warming has a very significant impact on human life increasing the energy consumption, deteriorating the comfort levels, increasing the pollution concentration, threatening the human health and affecting the urban economy. Mitigation technologies aiming to countermeasure the impact of the phenomenon are rapidly developed and applied in real scale projects.
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Video about techniques and materials for the realization of a green roof retrofitting and related benefits for low energy retrofitting interventions and improvement of the energy performance of existing buildings.The video has been used during the vocational training courses for Construction Professionals, Electrical Installers and Thermo-Hydraulic Installers overseen by the REE_TROFIT project.
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