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The overarching ambition of the ALDREN initiative is to consolidate, promote and implement an extended harmonized procedure, based on the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme for non-residential buildings (EVCS) and a set of relevant instruments, in order to support building deep renovation operations, all along the process, tackling its organizational, financial and technical components issues. In line with the development of the EVCS, the primary scope is focused on non-residential buildings (especially offices and hotels).  
Post date: 26 Mar 2019
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The building stock in the EU Member States is relatively old, on average 21.6% of the building stock was built before 1945, 45.4% was built before 1969 and 75.4% before 1990. With the exception of Cyprus, Ireland, and Luxembourg, the proportion of residential building stock  built after 2000 is below 25%.
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Aeropolis is an urban UFO. Its compact form sits square on street alignment south just to show it does belong there, discretely steps back west liberating a sunny plaza like a breather off the busy boulevard, and humbly aligns its cornice levels with the massive KINETIX next door. The resulting built form wraps itself around a federating patio ensuring optimal daylight entry for all occupants. So it is a respectful UFO.  
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Buildings 2030 is hosting the launch of the impact modelling study conducted by Buildings Performance Institute Europe focused on assessing and monetizing the impact of schools, offices and hospitals on our health, wellbeing and productivity.   Event Programme 1. Welcome from Buildings 2030 by Rodolphe Nicolle, Executive Director, Buildings 2030.
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TIME: 10:30 - 12:00 CEST FREE REGISTRATION: register here
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The Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB) is coordinating ALDREN, a H2020 new European project bringing together 8 partners around the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme as backbone along the whole deep renovation process.  
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Green-Blue-Energy Factory: Promotion and Development of Initiatives, Organizations and Investments that Improve the Use of Renewables in Industrial and Commercial Buildings    
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Towards Zero Carbon Hospitals with Renewable Energy Systems    
Post date: 9 Nov 2017
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Compact REtrofit Advanced Thermal Energy storage - An economically affordable, compact and loss-free heat battery for existing buildings.”  
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