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  AnTherm provides totally new capabilities for evaluating building envelope elements or even whole buildings with particular attention to thermal bridges and (optionally) vapour diffusion. It provides modern three dimensional visualization functionality speeding up the complex evaluation process in terms of qualitative research followed by quantitative (numerical) analysis of results.
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The site is designed for anyone whose job is to save energy at work. It provides free guidance on heating, air conditioning, lighting, compressed air, motor-driven equipment, etc., and advice and information on energy management techniques. The editor and his associates are able to answer queries. The site emphasises real-life practical energy-saving solutions and avoids debate about policy, legislation, regulations, carbon trading and global warming.
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Ziel der IG Passivhaus Österreich ist es gemäß den sehr ambitionierten Vorgaben des Europäischen Parlaments den Passivhausstandard bis 2011 in Österreich als erstes Land Europas als allgemeinen Standard zu etablieren. So kann der Österreichischen Bevölkerung ein wesentlicher Beitrag zur Versorgungssicherheit und Bewahrung vor Energiepreisschocks gegeben, und ein Höchstmaß an Klimaschutz erzielt werden.
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With this blog we try to make training and information on green building and sustainability of buildings, sharing experiences and we will do in scientific research. The goal is to reach a number as large as possible of people, professionals and not by stimulating the awareness that today can and must plan and act on buildings in a sustainable way. Try to use plain language to explain concepts are not too familiar: steps, methods and tools to obtain, in a sustainable,
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