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For many of these items it can be said that various at least partly high quality material is available in most of the EU Member States (like software tools for calculating thermal bridges, thermal bridges atlases and promotion of good practice guidance). It would be desirable that the material is used more often by building practitioners and that some countries catch up with the others. Software for calculating thermal bridges should be validated and the validation documentation should be published.
Post date: 6 May 2010
Type: Publication

Energy consumption is an important part of the quality of a building. MINERGIE® is a quality label destinated for new and renovated  buildings.  The label is recognised by the industry, the local (cantons) and federal authorities and protected against abuse. The purpose of the Minergie label ® is to reach a comfort level for occupants (residentiel and non-residentiel). The label concerns external automated solar shading. The Minergie modal is  accompanied with a regulation to be followed.
Post date: 6 May 2010
Type: Tool

The EPBD requires Member States to define building energy performance requirements... but did the Member States take this opportunity to strengthen their existing legislation? Member States are free to define their calculation methods and their requirements... Is it therefore possible to compare requirements across Europe? If yes, are the requirements from one country more severe than those of neighbouring countries?
Post date: 5 May 2010
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Post date: 3 May 2010
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Estudio técnico que soporta los resultados de la publicación "Por activa y por pasiva. Impulsar la edificación de alto rendimiento energético" ( )
Post date: 1 May 2010
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Energy or “fuel” poverty is a term used to describe the situation a household finds itself in when it is not able to afford the energy bills for its everyday needs, such as heating, lighting and hot water. This is only one of many potential difficulties faced by people living on low incomes, but has become the subject of particular attention all over Europe with rising energy costs, and energy bills forming such a large part of household expenditure.
Post date: 28 Apr 2010
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