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2020 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Please know that ACEEE’s first priority is the health, safety, and well-being of everyone involved with the Buildings Summer Study in Pacific Grove, CA. We are monitoring the situation closely and will follow the advice of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Should the situation change, we will continue to issue updates as necessary.


Please note that even if the crisis continues until August and we have to cancel Summer Study, we still plan to publish Summer Study proceedings and thus, authors should continue preparing their papers. Check for deadline updates

The theme for the 2020 Summer Study is “Efficiency: The Core of a Clean Energy Future.” We chose this theme in recognition of the rapidly evolving ecosystem of the energy industry. From resilience to health, from distributed energy resources to renewables to grid integration and virtual batteries, energy efficiency remains critical to our success. Whatever the surrounding goals for expansion of clean energy systems and services, the ability to design and operate efficient buildings is an essential foundational requirement.


The American Council for an Energy-Efficent Economy is committed to sustaining the relevance and quality of the biennial Summer Study in Buildings - the premiere conference in this field. This year is set for the continuation of the Energy Efficiency and Equity panel. Low-income communities and communities of color stand to benefit from energy efficiency upgrades, healthier housing, and local job creation; yet they have not typically received explicit attention as stakeholders. This panel focuses on efforts to reach historically under-served households with energy efficiency investments.


You may attend attend some of the sessions in this panel. We are also pleased to introduce a new panel, Scaling Whole-Building Retrofits. Although significant progress has been made in certain areas, such as efficient lighting, other areas, such as building envelope retrofits, are still in need of scalable and cost-effective solutions. Developing, implementing and adopting whole-building solutions that significantly improve the energy efficiency of our vast number of existing buildings is critical to attaining a clean energy future. We expect that this Summer Study will be fertile ground to tackle this challenge.


Likely Participants: Policymakers; utility staff; architects; builders; financial and insurance professionals involved with buildings; clean-tech investors; building products, equipment, and appliance manufacturers; building owners and operators; engineers; local, state, and federal agency personnel; energy researchers; NGOs; consultants; behavioral scientists; and energy efficiency professionals


Click here to view a list of organizations that participated in SSB's 2018 conference.




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