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Organised by DHC+ Technology Platform, the DHC+ Summer School is designed to provide a clear introduction to the district heating and cooling technology, operational issues, and consumer determinants in evolving energy systems. The purpose of the Summer School is to offer a unique course on district energy combining theoretical lectures with practical application, site visits and networking opportunities.

The 4th edition of the DHC+ Summer School will take place in Warsaw (Poland) from 21 to 27 August 2016 and will be hosted by a strong consortium composed of Veolia Energia Warszawa, PGNiG TERMIKA and Warsaw University of Technology.

For the first time, the Summer School will be held in Eastern Europe, in a city with the largest district heating network in the European Union. Following the EU trends and due to the profile of the entities hosting the Summer School, the programme will feature Innovation in district energy. Participants will have lots of networking opportunities and exciting technical visits to district heating facilities.

Join us for a fun and educational week in Warsaw!

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