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BAU Munich 2019

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BAU is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems. It has proven itself as an efficient international contact and business platform for the construction industry. Practice-oriented innovations and interdisciplinary solutions for commercial and residential construction and interior work for both new-build and renovation and modernization are presented here every two years.

2019 Key themes  Digital: Processes + Architecture Connected: Living + Working Integrated: Systems + Construction Smart: Light + Buildings


Because it covers the full spectrum of the building trades, BAU, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, is the most important sector gathering for all those involved in the business of planning and construction. But it´s not just a the no. 1 information and communication platform for planners and architects, it also has a wide range of attractions and many specific offers and events of interest to all those working in the construction and fitting-out trades.


BAU's supporting program includes a congress, forums, special shows and various other popular events, i.e. awards, Tradesmen Meet, etc.


“Tradesmen Meet”—for years this has been the place for presenting aspects of particular interest to the building trades. Up until now it has been located in Hall B0, but in 2019 it moves to the new hall, C6, close to the section on building tools. As such “Tradesmen Meet” is now in its “natural” environment, in an area that all tradesmen will head to during their visit to BAU.


One of the attractions at “Tradesmen Meet” that visitors can look forward to is a program of talks specially tuned to the needs of the construction trades. The range of themes is broad and diverse. Digitalization, smart homes, insulation, ventilation, fire protection, use of color, social media, women in the building trades, recruitment/shortage of skilled people—in other words all those issues that are topical now for those working in the construction trades.


As part of this program there are a number of panel discussions where architects and building tradesmen and -women talk about the key issues. An interesting exchange of views is guaranteed. The themes up for discussion are as follows:

- Tuesday, 11:00-12:00: “The digital building site—how are BIM and software for the skilled trades affecting the planning and building process?”

- Wednesday, 11:00-12:00: “Ventilating with closed windows—centrally, decentrally or integrated into the window? Which building technology solution is best for the ventilation concept?”

- Thursday, 11:00-12:00: “The building skin—well insulated and air-tight from cellar to roof. Does the theory work in practice or are we planning the unbuildable?”

- Friday, 11:00-12:00: “Color is / as a luxury”


One established part of BAU is that it hosts a training camp for Germany´s national construction team, organized by the Central Association of the German Construction Industry (ZDB – Zentralverband des deutschen Baugewerbes e.V.). For the fourth time Germany´s best tradesmen—bricklayers, tilers, plasterers and carpenters – will be carrying out training tasks at the East Entrance and demonstrating their skills to the BAU audience. The training camp is part of preparations for the WorldSkills championship in August 2019 in the Russian city of Kazan.


For all those involved in timber construction, it will be well worth dropping by at the Forum in Hall B0. There, on Tuesday, January 15, the focus will be on innovative timber construction “made in South Tyrol”. A range of projects will be presented. Saturday morning is also dedicated to building with wood, specifically multistory, timber-framed residential buildings. In the afternoon, the emphasis will be on solutions for healthier, energy-efficient and smart houses.


An Monday afternoon the talks in Forum B0 will center on the theme of renovation and modernization. One of the points here will be how to turn older homes into smart homes.


More detailed information on these and other events as part of BAU 2019 can be found at:

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