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Building Green Copenhagen 2019

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Building Green is a growing event in Scandinavia with a mission to highlight the importance of sustainable building and thinking. Building Green was established in 2011 in Copenhagen and has developed into a unique platform for information, inspiration and ideas on the sustainable building industry. We need to translate sustainable visions into reality everywhere and Building Green allows you to explore these issues with the best actors in the field of sustainable building

Programme Building Green Copenhagen 2019


Knowledge-sharing platform and product exhibition


Building Green is a knowledge-sharing platform for the brightest actors in the field. It is a meeting point for turnkey products from a wide range of manufacturers in the construction and energy sectors. It constitutes a unique opportunity to showcase energy solutions targeting the professionals in the industry.


The event gives the opportunity to harness the enormous growth potential inherent in rising national and international demand for climate-friendly building materials and solutions. The event allows you to network with inspiring and visionary speakers – both national and international as well as other professionals in the industry. The conference stages and seminars allow you to listen and share visions within energy efficient and sustainable construction.


Sustainable communities


Sustainable buildings and architecture – how do we reach the goals? No human can find the solution by themselves. If we want to change the industry in a sustainable way, we have to come together and find the way as a community. Sustainable communities is a term with multiple definitions. It refers basically to the urban community developed and planned on the foundation of and with a constant focus on sustainability.


It is time to stand together and solve our urban problems, which is exactly why Building Green emphasizes sustainable communities on 30 & 31 October in Copenhagen.

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