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Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition: European Commission conference

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The Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition conference, organised by the European Commission, will comprehensively explore the heating and cooling sector, including its role in achieving the climate and energy objectives of the Commission.

Topics of the conference include: switching to renewable energy, recycled heat systems and energy efficient technologies, and integrating smart energy solutions. The issue of creating functioning markets for heating and cooling will also be discussed.

An energy efficient and sustainable heating and cooling sector will boost security of energy supply, reduce energy bills, help protect the climate and free up money spent on fuel imports for local economies.


Heating and cooling for buildings

On the last day of the conference, a session on the subject of heating and cooling for buildings will take place. This session will examine the need to find ways to decrease demand and decarbonise heating and cooling in buildings. Topics to be discussed include the role of district heating, the possible synergies with building renovations and strategies, as well as the best ways to find a cost-optimal balance for requirements in building and heating and cooling supply.

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