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III Forum of Biomass Combustion

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The Forum is a two-day series of debates, meetings, and events associated with the participation of guests from Poland and abroad. Topics and discussion session covers the most important issues for the development of the sector. The main objective of the Forum is to bring together biomass experts from many countries to exchange experiences on the latest developments regarding the use of biomass for energy purposes. Forum acts as a platform for the exchange of current knowledge and important tool in the field of technology transfer and innovation.


The event annually gathers representatives from a wide range of representatives from biomass market, including energy experts and industry suppliers of biomass, scientists, engineers, technologists, industry organizations, financial institutions as well as representatives of government and administration.

Nearly half a thousand people in the second edition of the event is a proof of the importance of Forum. The upcoming third edition of the Forum will focus on the most important problems for the biomass market in technical and business areas. Experts will assess biomass resources in the market and will discuss development policy, based on the experience of leading the whole of Europe. As every year, its solutions and products provide leading providers of Industry.

Detailed information about the project can be found on the page dedicated to the event:

Workshop "Biomass for small scale units: investment prospects and new technologies": 25 April 2013, 08:30-14:00

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