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International Conference on Structures and Architecture ICSA2019

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There is a need to stimulate the inventive and creative design of architectural structures and to persuade architects and structural engineers to collaborate in this process, exploiting together new concepts, applications and challenges.

The aim of ICSA2019 is to present research and developments on the merging of architecture and structural engineering.

The conference will facilitate the meeting of international participants interested in the recent advances in the art, practice and theory of designing and building infrastructures in which the structural and architectonic values are consciously combined and the contribution of each other is mutually enhanced. 


Conference Themes

  • Building envelopes / Facades
  • Comprehension of complex forms
  • Computer and experimental methods
  • Concept architectural buildings / Futuristic structures
  • Concrete and masonry structures
  • Educating architects and structural engineers
  • Emerging technologies
  • Glass structures
  • Innovative architectural and structural design
  • Lightweight and membrane structures
  • Special structures
  • Steel and composite structures
  • Structural design challenges
  • Tall buildings
  • The borderline between architecture and structural engineering
  • The history of the relationship between architects and structural engineers
  • The tectonic of architectural solutions
  • The use of new materials
  • Timber structures



The conference is intended for an audience of researchers and practitioners world-wide with a background in architecture and in structural engineering. 


It includes architects, structural and construction engineers, builders and building consultants, construction industry persons, academics, researchers, students, product manufacturers, material suppliers, project managers and contract administrators, asset managers, government authorities of infrastructure development and others.

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