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LAUNCH Webinar: "Building a Strong Sales Process: The relevance of Targeting the Right Customers"

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This webinar will highlight key sales and marketing insights to help project developers build robust energy efficiency project pipelines. The topic will be explored through real-life examples and will offer opportunities to discuss COVID19 impacts on your business from a sales and marketing perspective.


This webinar also presents a great opportunity to learn more about the newly launched Education Programme developed by the Consortium under the pilot programme.




In the drive for standardisation and eventual scaling of the energy efficiency sector, it is critical that the viewpoint of the end client is not forgotten: project developers will only close a deal if they fulfil a (perceived) need by that end client. This need can be return on investment, carbon reduction aspirations, infrastructure upgrade or ESG reporting and compliance. In any event, it is important for project developers to understand their customer’s decision-making process while building out their value propositions for their clients.


The LAUNCH Consortium recognises the need for project developers to understand their end client and match their service offering with the wants and needs of their customers. We plan to conduct in-depth desk research as well as leverage the pilot programme to identify target customer segments and suitable value propositions and share our findings with the LAUNCH Community.


We will create archetypes or personas for each target segment. The objective is to help the project developers to better understand the different clients' types and how they can tailor their approach and messaging to these clients.


In addition, the project will develop, refine and widely distribute a set of key successful marketing messages (tested in the market with actual projects and clients). Marketing messages will also include how to best present energy-efficiency as-a-service and set the stage for discussing key contractual concepts to their clients.


This webinar is a first step in developing a robust education program, utilizing several resources within the LAUNCH Consortium to begin a learning journey that supports project developers in building a strong sales process to help advance deal closure with their clients.


Who should attend and why? 


This webinar is for project developers, ESCos, engineers and consultants, commercial property management or utility partners looking to learn more about how to improve their sales process and how to target the right customers to build a strong sustainable energy projects pipeline.


What you’ll learn: 


  • Why targeting the right customers, and how to do it in the right way, is key to building a strong sales process that will support your business growth;
  • What is the LAUNCH Education Programme and how it can be useful for you;
  • How you can benefit greatly from a strong sales process.



  • 15:00 Welcome and introduction – Anastasia Gavrilova (Consultant Energy Transition, TNO)
  • 15:05 Customer segmentation: how to target the right clients - Bart Devoldere (Strategy Consultant, TNO)
  • 15:15 The LAUNCH Education Programme: a learning journey to support your business growth - John O'Rourke (CEO, NEG)
  • 15:30 The positive impact of having an excellent sales process – testimonial by Jessica Stromback (Managing Director, Joule Assets)
  • 15:40 How to deal with Covid19 from a marketing & sales perspective? - panel discussion incl. John O'Rourke (NEG) and Jessica Stromback (Joule Assets), moderated by Bart Devoldere & Anastasia Gavrilova (TNO)
  • 15:50 Conclusion and Q&A - Anastasia Gavrilova (Consultant Energy Transition, TNO)
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