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ManagEnergy Talk with Per Stoknes: "How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action"

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Per Espen Stoknes

After a successful edition featuring story-teller Rob Hopkins, the ManagEnergy Talk is back for its 2nd edition during the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum - Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place! Per Espen Stoknes will deliver an inspirational speech on the topics of sustainable finance, climate and energy. 

"The biggest obstacle to dealing with climate disruptions lies between your ears", says psychologist and economist Per Espen Stokes. He's spent years studying the defenses we use to avoid thinking about the demise of our planet -- and figuring out a new way of talking about global warming that keeps us from shutting down. Step away from the doomsday narratives and learn how to make caring for the earth feel personable, do-able and empowering with this fun, informative talk.


Per Espen Stoknes, a psychologist with PhD in economics, is a TED Global speaker, and serves as the director of Centre for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School. An experienced foresight facilitator and academic, he’s also serial entrepreneur, including co-founding clean-tech company GasPlas.


The ManagEnergy Talks explore innovative, ambitious and transformative actions led by local/regional actors. It seeks to inspire others to spear head the drive for investment and action on sustainable energy. They are meant to serve as a forum for the discussion of new political initiatives, legislative processes or financial innovations from the different perspectives of all relevant stakeholders. Join us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the 19th February evening for a thought-provoking ManagEnergy Talk!


REGISTER NOW via the Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place Event.



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