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New Directive - New Energy for Housing - Clearing the way for participatory energy transitions

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The conference will focus on 3 themes which are central to realising the energy transitions, citizen engagement, access to finance and decentralised energy production and consumption planning.


This event, organised by the European federation for public, social and cooperative housing and hosted by the Committee of the Regions, will focus on the proposed European Directive on Energy Efficiency, published by the Commission on the 22nd of June 2011. The aim is to discuss with stakeholders of the housing and energy sector and with the Committee of the regions members, MEPs and Commission representatives, the opportunities that this directive offers to reduce energy consumption and energy poverty. It will help to inform European decision makers of the reality at a local level by drawing on information gathered through the POWER HOUSE EUROPE big Green Housing Exchange and the Energy Ambassadors project.

CECODHAS Housing Europe, The Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing
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