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Reclaiming energy choices-Going local to fight global challenges: Workshop EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015

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COGEN Europe and EnergyCities are co-hosting an official event during the Policy Conference of EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015. The workshop will take place on 18 June at the Committee of the Regions building from 16:00 to 17:30.
The objective of the workshop is to share and discuss with the audience the current challenges facing cities (large and small) and to show how local responses to these challenges can be transformed into a positive movement in which aware and active citizens (via their local authorities) contribute to achieving societal goals. 
With more than two thirds of European citizens living in cities, local decision-makers and hence, local democracy, play a central and crucial role in delivering the EU’s climate and energy policy objectives and achieving major societal goals in this field. Choices made today will have a long-lasting impact on Europe’s infrastructure and energy mix. In a globalised economy, European citizens are increasingly recognising the huge contribution of local action count to our common endeavour towards a more sustainable energy system. In raising citizens’ awareness and level of engagement with local actors (city councils, local energy agencies, and local suppliers), a more inclusive decision-making process and a more stable investment framework can be developed. Considering the huge investment needs for refurbishing buildings, upgrading infrastructure and greening Europe’s energy supplies, only a bottom-up process with a forward-looking approach can attract affordable finance for cities.
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