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Request 2 Action final webinar: Retrofit action hubs

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R2A Final webinar: Retrofit action hubs - maximising the effectiveness and wider use of EU Energy Performance Certificates

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Maximising the effectiveness and wider use of EU Energy Performance Certificates


The challenges around urban retrofit, in particular the ones faced by private dwellers have long been in debate at EU level.


How to foster energy retrofit activities? Can a dwelling energy performance certificate help? How to promote the information in the EPC and support the dweller’s retrofit decision process? What are the barriers hindering a dweller´s decision to adopt energy efficiency retrofit measures?


The Request 2 Action (R2A) project addressed these questions through the deployment and put into motion in retrofit action hubs of the project participating countries. The experiences gathered, lessons learnt, and how to do it, will all be discussed in a final webinar that will enrich the discussion on market engagement strategies towards urban retrofit. The partners responsible for the launch and management of the retrofit hubs are the key speakers, sharing their experience on these innovative platforms. Mainly speaking of the national energy agencies, responsible for the management of the national EPC system, which allows them to share their concerns and vision on this market at a wider and more transversal sphere, given the level of knowledge they have on the European built environment.


The webinar’s target groups are professionals in the buildings energy retrofit area, professional associations that can benefit from the hubs and also public decision makers who can foster the replication of such retrofit hubs in other geographies.


The event will be chaired by the Request to Action team, represented by the project's leader, EST, who will be the session's moderator.


Request 2 Action is a cross European partnership of nine not-for-profit organisations working together to improve the use of EU Energy Performance data.


To find out more from the Request 2 Action partners about the project, European policy on buildings' energy retrofit, new Retrofit Action Hubs and tools developed in the UK, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Austria and Portugal please register for the webinar.


The webinar’s attendance is free upon registration at the event link below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Join the hub now and get the tools to prompt urban retrofit and act for energy efficiency!

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