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RESTORE Training School 2019

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Bolzano Training School is oriented to European professionals, researchers, PhD and master students from the construction and Facilities Management sector with the goal of providing them with the tools to include restorative concepts in their daily work. The aim is to bridge the gap between current common construction practice and the new sustainable construction process.


To attain this ambitious goal, the Training School has been designed to balance between the testimony of international experts in the field and the visit and assessment of best practices around Bolzano. The selected trainees will be attending seminars and round tables that will set the discussion for the workshops which contain is further explained. RESTORE trainers will guide these workshops to assure high quality results. The School has been designed in the form of a competition where the trainees will be developing a pre-Qualification Questionnaire and Facilities Management Checklist based in all the information and guidance received during the School.


In a closer look, the 4 parts that will conform the School will be:


Seminars / Round tables:

The speakers are expert in one of the life stages: procurement, construction, operation, second life. Through their input the participants get information about the process and are inspired for the workshop activities.


Visit of case Studies:

The cases studies are best-practice examples of the implementation of regenerative/sustainable principles. Through the visit of the case study it will be shown how sustainability principles become reality and which are the barriers or challenges to overcome in the practice.



In the workshops the participants will work on the development a PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) and Facilities Management Checklist (e.g. based on Sustainable FM Index (SFMI) from UK).
PQQ and the FM checklist are divided into sections following the seminars’ content: i.e. Innovative materials; sustainable procurement; waste management; future life….


The participants are organized in teams of 4 participants each. The teams will be formed by the Training School Committee balancing participants skills so that each team have one person from each life stage: procurement, construction, operation and second life.



During the conference on the 14th of March the groups will present their final proposal to jury and audience. The best output will be awarded during the final event.


For the summary of the program please click here

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