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SBE19 Brussels - BAMB-CIRCPATH “Buildings As Material Banks – A Pathway For A Circular Future”

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SBE19 Brussels

SBE19 Brussels

The Horizon 2020 EU-funded project BAMB – CIRCPATH invites you to participate in a 3 days event where there will be presenting all the strategies implemented to enable a systemic shift in the building sector by creating circular solutions.

Since the end of 2015, 15 partners from 7 European countries throughout Europe are working together in the BAMB project developing and integrating tools that will enable the shift to a circular built environment as well as testing environmental and economic benefits of circular buildings through six real-life pilot projects.


The three-day event program will develop as follow:

First day event: The Consortium will present the results of the project through interactive sessions. It will be an opportunity for all stakeholders of the construction sector to learn more about the achieved targets, provide feedback and exchange views on what it need to be done next. The participation in this part of the event is free of charge but subject to early registration for logistics purposes.

2nd and 3rd day: SBE19 Scientific conference on the pathways towards a circular economy in the building/construction sector. This international conference intends to bring together researchers and industry experts from the entire world to exchange their ideas and research as well as showcase advanced innovative technologies and methodologies for the built environment.

Conference topics:

  1. Strategies and tools for the design of reversible and transformable buildings and systems;
  2. Design for high reuse potential of buildings and building elements;
  3. Design for adaptability;
  4. Digitalisation in the construction sector to support circular economy;
  5. Design for reconfiguration of buildings and systems;
  6. Design for reuse of existing buildings, products and equipment;
  7. Environmental assessment and measurement tools for circular buildings and products;
  8. Environmental and economic impacts of reversible and transformable buildings and products;
  9. Efficient waste, resource and facilities management in the building sector;
  10. Management tools/mechanisms that support system, component and material reuse;
  11. Cradle to cradle strategies and materials health;
  12. Barriers and opportunities for a dynamic and a circular built environment;
  13. BIM to support greater reuse and recovery from demolition/deconstruction;
  14. Design for high reuse potential and BIM;
  15. BIM for existing buildings;
  16. Innovative business models around circularity of resources in the construction sector;
  17. Policies and standards for a circular built environment;
  18. Case studies.

Important Dates:
01 June 2018: Opening of abstract submission
09 August 2018: Deadline for abstract submission
16 August 2018: Notification of the acceptance of abstracts by the Scientific Committee
07 October 2018: Deadline for paper submission
12 November 2018: Notification of the acceptance of papers by the Scientific Committee
05 December 2018: Deadline for submission of final paper
21 January 2019: Announcement of the Final Programme of the Conference

The conference will be held at Brussels Environment (IBGE) Headquarters in Tour & Taxis, Brussels.
More information is available on BAMB’s website:

BAMB-CIRCPATH and University of Minho
Contact Name:
Prof. Dr. Luís Bragança
Contact Email: