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Transforming and stimulating the energy efficiency market: Zebra Project workshop

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This workshop is organised in the context of the ZEBRA2020 project, to present best practice cases and tools that can support national policy makers and industry representatives to transform and stimulate energy efficiency in the buildings' market and encourage competition. 
The workshop is divided into two sessions. 
The first session will introduce the enabling factors for market transformation, with an emphasis on nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. This session aims at providing a few guidelines on how to lay down the groundwork for a comprehensive nZEB market strategy, followed by a few good practice examples of nZEBs. Focus will also be put the benefits of having a reliable and open database of EPCs. 
The second session will address new ways to trigger energy efficiency investments, providing recommendations based on the European Commission’s EEFIG report. Another aspect discussed will be Germany’s experience concerning the bidding procedure, contracts elaboration and eligibility criteria for funding public buildings which have to undergo thermal renovation through energy service companies. The situation of the building stock in Romania will also be highlighted through an overview of the current ambitions, priorities and next steps to be taken. The workshop will end with a panel discussion with representatives from BPIE, EURAC, the Berlin Energy Agency and the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP). 
Download the agenda in English - in Romanian at
To register for the event, please send an email to Serban Danciu, Country Initiative Manager, at before April 30.
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