ENLARGE project

Timespan October 2016 – September 2018   Context and framework Over the last decades, although a general retrenchment of the State in terms of direct intervention in the market, public intervention to address collective problems has been...
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 727124.


THE PLATFORM When it comes to Sustainable Energy Financing, EnerInvest aims to become the National Platform of reference, a meeting point between relevant stakeholders and a consulting platform, by offering technical, legal and financial...
This Project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant agreement No. 695822.

EnerSHIFT project

EnerSHIFT is an European project aimed to the energy renovation of public housing in Liguria promoting and applying innovative financing models. In line with the Regional Environmental Energy Plan, EnerSHIFT seeks to reduce energy...
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 694816.

ELENA: supporting investments in energy efficiency and sustainable transport

ELENA provides grants for technical assistance focused on the implementation of energy efficiency, distributed renewable energy and urban transport projects and programmes.   The grant can be used to finance costs related to feasibility...
ELENA is a joint initiative by the EIB and the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme.

TripleA-reno project in a nutshell

TripleA-reno project in a nutshell Under TripleA-reno project, the 16 partners will address the barriers for deep building renovation from end-users’ perspective with the aim to make acceptation and decision making attractive for consumers...

CEPPI project

CEPPI – Coordinated energy-related PPIs actions for cities – aims to build capacity in cities on how to achieve more sustainable energy solutions through a pro-innovation procurement approach. The five cities involved in this project -...

Girona Provincial Council’s BEenerGi programme

Girona Provincial Council’s BEenerGi programme provides the necessary technical, legal and financial assistance for municipalities that have signed the Covenant of Mayors. The aim is to mobilise investments to promote energy efficiency in...

DR-BOB (Demand Response in Block of Buildings) project

DR-BOB project aim is to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of demand response in blocks of buildings for the different key actors required to bring it to market.   To achieve its targets, DR-BOB project aims to:  ...

FESTA project

FESTA project has the overall objective to foster local energy investments on public buildings (primarily in schools, a significant target in Italy for energy efficiency) and to spread the PPP approach also through the innovative, for the...

SB&WRC project

The originality of the Sustainable Bio & Waste Resources project for Construction (SB&WRC) in the framework of the European Interreg Territorial Cooperation Program France (Channel) England lies notably in its method: designing...
Fostering a circular economy in the construction sector

SEI Metrics project

The overall objective of the project is twofold: First to measure the alignment of investment portfolios with climate related energy transition goals and second to seek to address the general challenge of shifting capital towards...
The project “Developing Sustainable Energy Investment (SEI) metrics, benchmarks and assessment tools for the financial sector” is funded by the European Commission as a part of the European Union’s research funding program Horizon 2020...

ECO-Binder report in Euronews

We are glad to share with you video report about the ECO-Binder project which was created by Euronews and published in their Futuris series.   The video consists of manufacturing and installation process filmed in Nuova Tesi facilities.  ...

2030 Palette: a free online database for sustainable buildings and cities

The 2030 Palette is a free online platform that puts the principles and actions behind Zero Net Carbon and resilient built environments at the fingertips of designers, planners, and builders worldwide. The swatches, or sustainable design...

MPOWER: a short survey of municipalities and energy transition

This short survey is concerned with how municipalities are managing the energy transition.  It is part of a wider EU Horizon 2020 project: mPOWER - Municipal Action, Public Engagement and Routes Towards Energy Transition. While there are...

How every part of the world has warmed – and could continue to warm

  The map, created by Zeke Hausfather and Rosamund Pearce, combined observed temperature changes with future climate model projections to show how climate change has changed up to present day, but also how it is forecasted to change in...
A new interactive map by Carbon Brief shows how every part of the world has warmed.

Energy efficiency and the cooling imperative

  The IEA estimates that by 2050 energy demand from space cooling will triple. Entering into force in 2019, the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol seeks to reduce the global warming impacts of air conditioners and refrigerators...
Tapping the synergies with the HFC Refrigerant Phasedown under the Kigali Amendment (Webinar).

European Real Estate sector achieves a 5.6% reduction GHG emissions in 2018

In 2018, GRESB scored and benchmarked the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of 432 European real estate funds and companies on behalf of 75 institutional investors. The data covers 78% of the listed real estate market...

Tenant Engagement with the H2020 DREEAM project

The DREEAM project has a holistic approach towards renovation. Multi-building renovation processes led within the DREEAM framework comprise different stages: this video introduces us to the 'Tenant Engagement' stage of the process. It...

New INSPIRE Geoportal launched

  The INSPIRE Geoportal makes it easier to discover, monitor and directly use geospatial data sets relevant for specific application areas, in particular European environmental policy. The new Geoportal provides overviews of the...
The Commission has launched the new INSPIRE Geoportal offering easier access to spatial data in the EU.

World Green Building Week 2018: Global Activity Map

This map is a place for you to share how and where in the world you’re participating in World Green Building Week 2018. Will you learn more about the benefits of a greener home? Will you share the week with friends and family? Will you...