Remigiusz Mielczarek

Prefabricated modules in timber frames – one of the most significant key results of BERTIM European project – has been installed on facades of selected residential building in La Charite-sur-Loire, France.  Installation has been performed to validate the integrated renovation approach in real settings.  
Post date: 25 Mar 2019
Type: News

New technological methods for increasing quality and quantity of recovered construction & demolition waste, promoting the consideration of end-of-life management of buildings and building components at their design stage, and enhancing awareness of the impact construction materials and debris have on health and the environment, will be presented during the final conference of HISER.
Post date: 12 Oct 2018
Type: News

As scientists say, the potential of prefabricated housing market in Central and Northern Europe is predicted to grow. According to the market study conducted by experts of Roland Berger GMBH, the prefabricated housing market volume and price are expected to be favorably driven by a number of trends. It’s promising to projects like BERTIM.
Post date: 15 Feb 2018
Type: News