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Post date: 17 May 2010
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The European Display Campaign is a voluntary scheme designed by energy experts from European towns and cities. When started in 2003 it was initially aimed at encouraging local authorities to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings using the same energy label that is used for household appliances. The Display Poster is available in 26 languages.
Post date: 13 May 2010
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Brussels, 24 March 2010 – ‘Achieving intelligent energy in cities by speaking the same language’ was the theme of the event jointly organised today by the Architects Council of Europe and the European Concrete Platform.  The two organisations also launched the results of the ‘Common Language’ project. “There is a need for a holistic approach to sustainable construction and we have thus aimed to show leadership in this field” stated Selma Harrington, President of ACE.
Post date: 16 Apr 2010
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Further information in German is available at:
Post date: 26 Mar 2010
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No matter the means, messages or materials to be used. What really counts is the applicant’s commitment and originality in communicating the topic to building users and the public.
Post date: 28 Jan 2010
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