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Le vendredi 5 juin, la Plateforme des Acteurs pour le Réemploi d’Eléments de Construction à Bruxelles a rencontré Emmanuel Mossay, expert en économie circulaire chez Ecores, Groupe One et à l’Institut Eco-conseil et également, professeur-invité en économie régénérative dans plusieurs universités (ULB, UCLouvain, ULiège, UNamur)  et Hautes Ecoles (Henallux, ICHEC, EPHEC) et administrateur de la
Post date: 27 Aug 2020
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Date and Time Tue, 13 October 2020 08:30 – 13:00 CEST   Add to Calendar Location Sofitel Brussels Europe 1 Place Jourdan - 1040 Brussels    
Post date: 25 Aug 2020
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30 SEPTEMBER 2020 | 10h00-11h30   ZOOM, online Webinar Platform   Cerame-Unie has launched a Cycle of Webinars on Circular Economy. The Kick-Off Webinar Opportunities of Circular Economy for the Ceramic Industry, under the European Green Deal, provided an overview of the contribution of the Ceramic Industry to Circular Economy and gathered more than 170 participants.  
Post date: 24 Aug 2020
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The new changes in the European Green Deal are expected to bring many benefits to people and businesses.   Thanks to energy labels idea that help consumers to buy more eco-friendly products and save energy, or the new European Union (EU) rules that reduce the use of plastics, keeping keep public spaces, by 2018 the EU had achieved a 23% reduction greenhouse gas emissions since 1990 while growing its economy by 61%.  
Post date: 13 Jul 2020
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On 15 July 2020, the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR) will co-host the online event “Building the future 2020 – boosting innovation in the construction industry”. Projects developing new construction materials to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and fostering a circular economy will show how this industry can become more sustainable. The event also concludes the EU project INNOVIP.  
Post date: 10 Jul 2020
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L’audit réemploi constitue une étape clé dans l'optimisation de la quantité de matériaux de construction effectivement réemployés par le secteur de la construction. En vue de cet objectif général, les inventaires réemploi peuvent servir à différentes fins :  
Post date: 8 Jul 2020
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En raison des mesures de confinement du Covid-19, veuillez vérifier le statut et conditions de l'événement sur la page Web des organisateurs.   Congrès Hlm 2020 : réussir une relance responsable  
Post date: 3 Jun 2020
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Free webinar on the circular economy and material reuse in construction, as part of Circular Economy Week 2020, which takes place from 1st–5th June.   Programme  
Post date: 4 May 2020
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Paper submission   The postponement of the Symposium allows us to welcome paper proposals until 31st May 2020.  
Post date: 30 Apr 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   The 2nd international conference on Circularity in the Built Environment (CiBEn) aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in the area of green and sustainable construction. These topics call for a multi-disciplinary approach involving various research fields and expertise.
Post date: 29 Apr 2020
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