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The Consultation period runs from: 03/02/2014 to 28/04/2014 The target groups are the following:  Public authorities, Member States authorities, private organisations, industry associations, SMEs, Consultancies, other relevant stakeholders and Citizens.   Objective of the consultation 
Post date: 27 Feb 2014
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As the media attention has somewhat decreased since its release, I would like to share some views on the 22 January European Commission (EC) Communication for a European industrial renaissance. The first point of note is the headline of their press release, as it calls for “immediate action”. Indeed, political decisions have to be taken and Vice-President (VP) Tajani recognises that we are still far from the 2020 20% target of industry’s share in Europe’s GDP. This EC Communication is another attempt to deliver support to industry and VP Tajani is leading the charge for the last time...
Post date: 14 Feb 2014
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Post date: 4 Feb 2014
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European Commission - IP/13/1232   11/12/2013
Post date: 11 Dec 2013
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As the launch date of the European Union's new Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 approaches, the European Commission organised a series of Information Days which took place in Brussels on 05/12/2013. This video recording of the Horizon 2020 Energy Information Day- 2014 and 2015 calls event gives practical information regarding for the HORIZON 2020 Programme. 
Post date: 9 Dec 2013
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- Heating industry able to deliver annual savings equivalent to the energy demand of the Netherlands and Ireland together -
Post date: 3 Dec 2013
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The European Commission has succumbed to heavy lobbying from the electric heating industry and is set to approve an energy labelling scheme that misrepresents its appliances' true efficiency performance, according to environmental and consumers groups.Around 20 million gas and electric heaters are sold in Europe each year and from 2016, the Commission wanted them to display colour-coded energy performance labels, which have bars ranging from a green ‘A’ to a red ‘G’ class. 
Post date: 1 Oct 2013
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Following the passage of the Energy Efficiency Directive, the European Commission pledged to commit to the same energy savings measures in its buildings as was imposed on member states.However, the ownership status of the Commission’s buildings has complicated potential energy savings, particularly when it comes to deep renovation work.
Post date: 1 Jul 2013
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BackgroundEco-Innovation is funded via the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and has a budget of about €220 million for the period 2008 to 2013. It supports technologically-proven products that help make better use of Europe's natural resources. Eco-Innovation is a green strand of the CIP and contributes to the Eco-Innovation Action Plan (EcoAP). The programme is managed by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI).
Post date: 21 May 2013
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The available national renewable action plans can be found on this official DG ENER website.
Post date: 13 May 2013
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