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Facility and initial situation. The school´s heating system is based on tilestoves using natural gas which are very old.  There are also dangerous heatradiators in the bathrooms.  The existing plumbing system has very old pipes for hot water.  These above characteristics create a lack of comfort with under-heated spaces.  The Gas consumption: 123,372 m3/year with a total cost of 42,700 euro/year.Goals :– Reconstruction of the heating systems;– Reduction of heating cost– Improvement of heating system security
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These fourteen high schools in the Alsace region were chosen because of the following criteria:High level of energy consumptionNo refurbishment investments planned in the next yearsIncluding recent and older high schoolsThe total space is 190 000 m².  The initial situation: Energy costs paid by high school with regional funds, investments paid by the region.Goals of building owner:
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The joint community of the two EU projects "School of the Future" and "VERYSchool" gathers and presents information and examples of high performance school buildings within the EU. Besides case studies also guidelines, tools and training material are offered. Additional information such as results from national examples of (nearly) zero energy schools shall be added by the community members.
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This document is the final report of the European Project BOILeff (Raising the efficiency of boiler installations).
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Many topics are covered in this blog: Energy Efficiency in buildings is a major one and also lots of technical issues such as, power quality, solar systems, motors, safety, lighting, softwares and other electrical distribution subjects are presented
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