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This document is the final report of the European Project BOILeff (Raising the efficiency of boiler installations).
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Many topics are covered in this blog: Energy Efficiency in buildings is a major one and also lots of technical issues such as, power quality, solar systems, motors, safety, lighting, softwares and other electrical distribution subjects are presented
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The site is designed for anyone whose job is to save energy at work. It provides free guidance on heating, air conditioning, lighting, compressed air, motor-driven equipment, etc., and advice and information on energy management techniques. The editor and his associates are able to answer queries. The site emphasises real-life practical energy-saving solutions and avoids debate about policy, legislation, regulations, carbon trading and global warming.
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BS EN 16001 was developed for energy and facility managers, environment officers and managers, energy engineers, energy consultants, finance directors, policy developers and managers, architects and surveyors, energy assessors, CEOs and MDs of smaller organisations. For an overview on the content click on the related link.
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