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Bulgaria - Energy EfficiencyInitial situation:  Dobrich, with 90,000 inhabitants, is a town in NortheasternBulgaria.Improvements: Seven municipal buildings, five schools and two kindergartens  have been refurbished.Renovation of schools and kindergartens not only ensures effective educational infrastructure and equal access to quality education, but also contributes to the achievement of the local Covenant of Mayors objective - a 25% CO2 cut by 2020.
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Against this background the ChangeBest project tries to understand how and to which extent the EES market could be further developed, what are appropriate business strategies and promising services not only for “advanced” companies but also for “beginners”, what is a policy framework suitable to stimulate market development and to overcome existing barriers, and what role energy companies developing towards sustainable ESCOs could play. The main objectives of ChangeBest are:
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Social Housing operators and ESCOs from Bulgaria, France, Italy and the united Kingdom participate in the project.Four pilot sites have been identified. FRESH will work out the technical and monitoring measures, along with the many contractual, legal and financial issues of EPC. The results will be monitored on the long run and dissemination activities will raise awareness about the opportunities but also pitfalls lying in EPC for comprehensive refurbishment programmes. 
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The report has been prepared by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Research Into Action, Inc. for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
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This comprehensive new Energy Efficiency Plan is a response of the Commission to the call of the European Council of 4 February 2011 to take 'determined action to tap the considerable potential for higher energy savings of buildings, transport and products and processes'. It is available in all official EU languages here. 
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Marie Donnelly, who is now in charge of the directorate responsible for - New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at DG ENER recently outlined a couple of the blocking points when it comes to energy efficiency – They included the fact that although everyone agrees that energy efficiency is a good idea, there is no denying the fact that You Have to Spend to Save! and that the Financial Sector, with some exceptions, is not yet buying in to its full potential to the Energy Efficiency Agenda.
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A programme of energy renovation in hospitals in southern Sweden has resulted in savings of up to 13% on electricity and up to 30% on heating. The improved indoor climate also brings benefits, which have been confirmed in Denmark with a newly built hospital in Aalborg, where levels of staff absence due to sickness have fallen 35% and the number of infections occurring in the hospital is 18% lower. If these latter points are factored into the equation, savings in Danish hospitals could be as much as DKK 1 billion annually.
Post date: 26 Aug 2010
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